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Agitation For The Restructure of Nigerian Federation

A lot of Nigerian from all works of life and ethnicity appears to believe that the current Nigerian federal structure needs restructuring. It is not uncommon to hear that Nigeria will never move forward or develop if restructure of the Nigerian federation do not take place. Some are even saying that breakup of Nigeria is …

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Corruption and Primitive Wealth Accumulation

How can one explain the sheer wickedness of some Nigerians and the hardship and sufferings they are inflicting on their fellow citizens. Public service is supposed to be a call to duty for individuals to serve their fellow citizens, but some Nigerians have turned it into an avenue for primitive wealth accumulation. Primitive wealth accumulation …

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Creeping Immunity for National Assembly Members

It appears that sometimes Nigerian Officials takes one step forward and two steps backward. During the last constitutional amendment exercise, the National Assembly adopted immunity Clause to cover each member for any statement made on the floor of the National Assembly. That immunity was adopted and signed into law by the former President. In the …

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