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Lessons from 2017 Anambra State Gubernatorial Election Result

November 18, 2018 Anambra State gubernatorial election result may indicate that Nigerians are gradually taking their destiny into their own hands by rewarding politicians who deserve to be rewarded and casting aside irresponsible and crooked politicians. Same attitude may manifest itself in the 2019 presidential election. Anambra state is major state in the southeastern part …

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Cost of Intraparty Battles

Intraparty battles prevalent among Nigeria political Parties may seem like a game and a harmless exercise , but it is indeed costly to the Nigeria state.  The number one casualty is governance which often takes a backseat to intraparty feuding.  Does anybody really think that governance has taken place in River state since the man-made political …

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INEC and Fair Election in Nigeria

  It was just few years ago when mere mention of election evokes dread and terror among Nigerians.  Election after elections gets stolen by political parties in power whose only interest is to perpetuate itself in power.  Election in Nigeria is often treated as do or die affair by contending parties.  It is do or …

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