Corruption and Primitive Wealth Accumulation

How can one explain the sheer wickedness of some Nigerians and the hardship and sufferings they are inflicting on their fellow citizens. Public service is supposed to be a call to duty for individuals to serve their fellow citizens, but some Nigerians have turned it into an avenue for primitive wealth accumulation. Primitive wealth accumulation is the tendency to steal or loot unlimited public fund indiscriminately for personal use.

Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) just discovered a fire proof safe with $9.8 million and 72,000 pounds hidden in a house in Kaduna state. The money was stolen from NNPC by Mr. Andrew Yakubu, former Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Manager. This gentleman had the temerity to come forward and said that the money was a gift or several gifts to him. This is just one looted fund from one man. There are many Mr. Yakubu’s in various government positions around the country and some of them are doing what Mr. Yakubu did. How can any government function when people are stealing government funds left and right? Meanwhile, a so called archbishop in Delta state praised an ex-convict, former governor of Delta state, James Ibori who was just deported from United Kingdom after serving his sentence as “the light of the Urhobo People” during so called thanksgiving service. This archbishop is a immoral and corrupt and does not deserve the office he is entrusted with. Doesn’t he know that Mr. Ibori pleaded guilty in some of the charges against him.

Some former governors are facing various charges of treasury looting and money laundering around the country. How long can this mindless looting and stealing of public fund go on? What have Nigerians done to deserve what public officials including politicians are doing to them. Former president Jonathan’s administration was an unmitigated disaster with regard to corruption. Billions of dollars and Naira was stolen from various local, state and federal treasury when he was in charge. He simply let people loot whatever they can. His wife, Patience Jonathan claimed ownership of over 30 million looted fund in the name of four companies in various commercial banks. She claimed ownership of the fund even though she never made more than $5 million throughout her working life. At one point, she claimed that her mother gave her the money which is absurd. She is not in jail today because the federal government does not want to cause more instability in the country.

The federal government just announced that they have recovered $151 million and 8 billion Naira from the Whistle-Blower Program. Popular opinion in Nigeria is that one should not believe the numbers of suspected looted funds that are coming out of the federal government. The numbers should be believed in this case. Whistle Blower has been the missing link in the fight against corruption. It is one of the most effective tool in the fight against corruption. When human beings are given incentive to do something, they will come through. It is human just nature. Recovery of looted assets will quadruple due to the Whistle Blower program. The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) will continue to be flooded with reliable tips on looted Nigeria funds at home and abroad.

Corruption remains number one issue that has hindered development in Nigeria. It is the number one reason out of many reasons why Nigeria has not progressed. Corruption is the principal reason for election of president Buhari as Nigeria president and most likely to be the reason why he is likely to win re-election. Presently, Nigeria is at a breaking point economically. Nigerians are fed up with looting of their money by public officials. Public opinion tide will eventually turn against these looters. Public officials arrested in the past for corruption always blame their plight on political prosecution and ethnic bias or hatred, and their ethnic brethren or their party have always agreed with their assertions and rallied to defend them. But we are seeing less and less of that now. The public are now paying less attention to those claims these days. These criminals and fools need to be given expedited court hearings and sent to jail if found guilty.

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