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Corruption and Primitive Wealth Accumulation

How can one explain the sheer wickedness of some Nigerians and the hardship and sufferings they are inflicting on their fellow citizens. Public service is supposed to be a call to duty for individuals to serve their fellow citizens, but some Nigerians have turned it into an avenue for primitive wealth accumulation. Primitive wealth accumulation …

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Non-confirmation of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC Chairman

The charade that took place at the Nigerian senate few days ago, regarding Ibrahim Magu confirmation as Chairman of Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) is another indication of how low the National Assembly has sunk. It has been clear for couple of months now that the senate has no intention of confirming Ibrahim Magu …

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War on Corruption Appears to be Back on Track

It appears that war on corruption is gradually coming back to life after years of inaction under former president, Goodluck Jonathan. Former governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido and two of his sons was recently arraigned before Kano High Court on fraud and money laundering charges. They were granted bail few days ago. Same thing …

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Nigeria Oligarchs and the Justice System

The famous legal maxim “Justice delayed is justice denied” doesn’t quite apply to Nigeria oligarchs.  In Nigeria, oligarchs are called “Big-Men.” Better legal maxim for Nigeria oligarchs should be, Justice delayed is Justice forgotten.  Nigerian Big-men/oligarchs are the political class, wealthy and influential.  Ordinary Nigerians are frustrated by a different set of rule enjoyed by the …

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Economic and Financial Crime Commission is Withering on the Vine

  The most important and consequential agency established since Nigeria independence is gradually but surely withering on the vine.  I call Economic and Financial Crime commission (EFCC) the most important agency in Nigeria today because it is an agency established for the sole purpose of solving the most pernicious and endemic problem that have bedeviled …

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