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Name: Michael Egbosiuba
Date registered: May 14, 2011
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Dr. Michael Egbosiuba is the political editor of AllThingsNigeria.com. He was born in the Southeastern part of Nigeria also known as Igboland. He has lived in United States for over 28 years. He completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in the state of Florida. Dr. Michael Egbosiuba's expertise is in Management, Public policy and Finance. Even though he has lived in U.S. for many years, he still visits Nigeria and daily updates himself on the political, economic and social situation in Nigeria as well as other parts of the world.

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Executive Impunity and Rascality

Nigeria is a country that seems to be in perpetual crisis primarily due to lack of adherence to the rule of law by various branches of government and rampant corruption. President Buhari was elected to office on condition that he will fight corruption and restore discipline in the country. The bitter truth is that there …

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Central Bank of Nigeria and Foreign Exchange

Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) has been struggling to stabilize Naira against major foreign currencies, especially dollar, Euro and British pound since Naira was floated. So far, Central bank’s effort has not yielded desired result. The CBN goal is to stabilize Naira to where it will trade at 300 or below to one dollar. The …

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Corruption and Primitive Wealth Accumulation

How can one explain the sheer wickedness of some Nigerians and the hardship and sufferings they are inflicting on their fellow citizens. Public service is supposed to be a call to duty for individuals to serve their fellow citizens, but some Nigerians have turned it into an avenue for primitive wealth accumulation. Primitive wealth accumulation …

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Twin Tragedy in Kaduna State

There is a twin tragedy going on in Kaduna state of Nigeria. The first is the ongoing on and off slaughter of the Shiites and killing of southern Kaduna Christians. The Shiites are non-Sunni Muslim. Both sects believes that Mohammed who founded Islamic religion in the seventh century is the true prophet of God. So, …

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MMM Ponzi Scheme and Government Failure

The basic function of government is to protect their citizens against imaginable scams from bad elements. In the mist of the present near economic collapse of Nigeria due to years of bad leadership, wanton looting of the treasury at all levels of government, and sharp drop in oil price, ordinary Nigerians are looking for a …

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