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Nigeria Breakup is inevitable Without Re-organization

I do not like to use the word restructure when discussing the kind of changes needed in Nigeria. It is a word with bad connotation. It is a word that has come to be viewed by certain regions of Nigeria as a way to starve them of fund and resources needed for their daily survival …

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MMM Ponzi Scheme and Government Failure

The basic function of government is to protect their citizens against imaginable scams from bad elements. In the mist of the present near economic collapse of Nigeria due to years of bad leadership, wanton looting of the treasury at all levels of government, and sharp drop in oil price, ordinary Nigerians are looking for a …

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Nigerian Economy: Market Forces at Work

What is happening in Nigeria today is not difficult to understand. It is simply the law of demand and supply playing itself out in all facet of Nigeria economy. Nigerians are in untenable position and suffering due to avoidable and unavoidable mistakes. President Buhari’s government are instituting a number of policies without thinking through the …

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Recentralization of Nigerian Economy

Here we go again. Late president Yar’Adua first action when he assumed office was to reverse Port Harcourt and Kaduna refinery that was privatized by his predecessor, President Obasanjo. He did not stop there, NITEL, Nigerian Telecommunication company owned by the federal government which was privatized by Mr. Obasanjo was also bought back by the …

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INEC Postponement of Nigeria Election

Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced yesterday, February 7, 2015 that Presidential, senatorial and House of Representative elections scheduled for February 14, has been postponed to March 28. Also, the gubernatorial and state’s Houses of Assembly election originally scheduled for March 28, was pushed back to April 11. These postponements are highly unprecedented and disappointing …

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