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Twin Tragedy in Kaduna State

There is a twin tragedy going on in Kaduna state of Nigeria. The first is the ongoing on and off slaughter of the Shiites and killing of southern Kaduna Christians. The Shiites are non-Sunni Muslim. Both sects believes that Mohammed who founded Islamic religion in the seventh century is the true prophet of God. So, …

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Boko Haram: A Cancer that Must be Defeated

Boko Haram is like a plague out to destroy anything that stands on its way of achieving its delusional goal of imposing extreme brand of Islam on Nigerians. It is an organization that has always been regarded as a dangerous threat to the cooperate existence of Nigeria state. Their theater of operation is concentrated largely …

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Muhammadu Buhari’s Uphill Battle for Nigeria Presidency

General Muhammadi Buhari is a very familiar figure in Nigerian political scene.  He has extensive name recognition.  Mr. Buhari has ran for president in all presidential election since civilian government was restored in 1999.  He ran unsuccessfully for the office of the president in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections.  Equally notable is that he has contested the …

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Boko Haram Actions Could Trigger Nigeria Disintegration

Nigeria saga keeps going and going and going.  It appears Nigeria take one step forward and two steps backward.  Insecurity in Nigeria has been there for years.  Few years ago, Niger Delta region of Nigeria was engulfed in militant activities.  The violence started because indigenous population of the region felt that they are not getting …

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