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Twin Tragedy in Kaduna State

There is a twin tragedy going on in Kaduna state of Nigeria. The first is the ongoing on and off slaughter of the Shiites and killing of southern Kaduna Christians. The Shiites are non-Sunni Muslim. Both sects believes that Mohammed who founded Islamic religion in the seventh century is the true prophet of God. So, …

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President Buhari’s one Year in Office

It is too early in the life of president Buhari‚Äôs administration to judge whether it will be a successful administration or not. The most important thing in the life of a new administration is to analyze policies already in place to see if the government is laying a solid foundation for the future of the …

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War on Corruption

Corruption has inflicted incalculable harm to Nigeria. It has destroyed the morale and economic fabric of the nation. Development of Nigeria has been stunted by rampant, wholesale diversion and embezzlement of public fund. This unspeakable crime is happening in all sectors of the economy. Millions and billions of Naira allocated for various projects just disappears …

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