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Unrealistic Expectations from President Buhari Administration

Nigerians had unrealistic expectation from the inception of President Buhari’s administration. Some even naively felt that he could perform magic and fix Nigeria problems overnight. It has been more than one year and Nigeria economic problem appears to have gotten worse from all available economic indicators. Why is Nigerian economy in such dire stress? The …

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Fulani Herdsmen: Threat to Nigerian Security

Nigeria is a country of many wonders. It is hard to understand how cattle appears to be worth more than human life. The Fulani herdsmen who traverse Nigerian roads are now turning into what can be described as emerging potent threat to the peaceful co-existence of Nigerian state. The Fulani herdsmen has taken it upon …

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Nigerian Economy in Peril

Nigerian economy may implode in no distant future due to conflagration of forces working against African biggest economy. Failure by successive Nigerian government to diversify the economy and wean the population from petroleum and gas dependence was an unmitigated disaster. The chicken has come home to roost. The oil price is now below $30 a …

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Rebasing of Nigeria GDP

Nigeria is now the largest economy in Africa after rebasing it’s gross domestic product(GDP). Reabasing is usually done every 5 years but Nigeria waited 24 years to do theirs, probabaly due to strategic reasons. It appears Nigeria officials wanted to get some debt forgiveness from Western countries and pay off it debt before embarking on …

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The Path Forward for Nigeria

It is fair to say that most Nigerians do not have a lot of confidence in their government or the direction of their country.  Successive military and civilian administrations have come and gone, each promised heaven and earth to Nigerians but those lofty promises have gone unfulfilled.  Nigerian elites are experts in drafting all manners …

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