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Central Bank of Nigeria and Foreign Exchange

Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) has been struggling to stabilize Naira against major foreign currencies, especially dollar, Euro and British pound since Naira was floated. So far, Central bank’s effort has not yielded desired result. The CBN goal is to stabilize Naira to where it will trade at 300 or below to one dollar. The …

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President Buhari’s one Year in Office

It is too early in the life of president Buhari’s administration to judge whether it will be a successful administration or not. The most important thing in the life of a new administration is to analyze policies already in place to see if the government is laying a solid foundation for the future of the …

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Nigerian Economy in Peril

Nigerian economy may implode in no distant future due to conflagration of forces working against African biggest economy. Failure by successive Nigerian government to diversify the economy and wean the population from petroleum and gas dependence was an unmitigated disaster. The chicken has come home to roost. The oil price is now below $30 a …

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