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Unrealistic Expectations from President Buhari Administration

Nigerians had unrealistic expectation from the inception of President Buhari’s administration. Some even naively felt that he could perform magic and fix Nigeria problems overnight. It has been more than one year and Nigeria economic problem appears to have gotten worse from all available economic indicators. Why is Nigerian economy in such dire stress? The …

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War on Corruption

Corruption has inflicted incalculable harm to Nigeria. It has destroyed the morale and economic fabric of the nation. Development of Nigeria has been stunted by rampant, wholesale diversion and embezzlement of public fund. This unspeakable crime is happening in all sectors of the economy. Millions and billions of Naira allocated for various projects just disappears …

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New Leadership May bring Nigeria War on Corruption Back on Track

  Dismissal of Mrs Farida Waziri, Chairman of Economic and Financial Crime Commission by president Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday, November 23, is a welcomed development in the prosecution of the insidious cancer called corruption.  Corruption in Nigeria is an ongoing nightmare as most Nigerians know.   Mrs Waziri should not take this personally, it only means …

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Nigeria War on Corruption at a Crossroad

Update:  Article written before recent arrest of governors by EFCC   Corruption in Nigeria is an ongoing nightmare.  It is so endemic that it has permeated all sectors of Nigerian society.  One cannot walk into most government offices and obtain help without offering bribe, commercial vehicle operators offer bribes to police at most check points. …

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