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Illusion and Reality of the State of Nigerian Unity

Nnamdi Kanu and his dream of Biafran Republic has been crushed by the federal government. Nnamdi Kanu is either on the run or was given El Zakzaky treatment which is outright kidnap and subsequent disappearance of the leader of a sect or movement by the federal government in violation of various court orders and Nigerian …

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Political Solution for Marginalization, Restructure and Secession Movement

There is unease and a sense that things is out of control in Nigeria today. Some ethnic groups from the southern part of Nigeria wants to secede from the Nigerian federation and the rest wants restructure of Nigerian federation. It is unfortunate that 47 years after the civil war, Nigeria is still grappling with a …

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Argument Against Rotational Presidency in Nigeria.

Rotational presidency based on ethnicity, race, religion or region in Nigeria may sound inclusive and a way to mollify aggrieved members of various groups. Coming from the south eastern part of Nigeria dominated by the Igbos,¬†the most marginalized ethnic group in Nigeria politics¬†since the end of the civil war, I still disagree with rotation of …

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