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A Look at The National Conference Proposals

The national conference which has few more weeks to go before winding down has adopted series of resolutions. Some of the resolutions and proposal has been good and some are terrible. The larger question is the constitutional basis for this gathering and how their proposals will make their way into Nigeria constitution. However, it is …

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Optimism and Concerns for Nigeria in 2014

  There has been endless deluge of bad news about governance in Nigeria from federal to local government level.  Some of the pessimism is well deserved but they appear to be some bright spots in Nigeria political and economic landscape. However more work is needed to accelerate this development.  Nigeria is a country endowed with abundant natural …

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Development and Local Governance in Nigeria

  My recent travel to Nigeria in February this year (2013) confirmed what I have always thought and believed, that local government is the missing link that will accelerate economic development in Nigeria.  By local government, I mean states and Local Government Areas (LGA) and other smaller municipalities.  What stands out as soon as one …

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