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Executive Impunity and Rascality

Nigeria is a country that seems to be in perpetual crisis primarily due to lack of adherence to the rule of law by various branches of government and rampant corruption. President Buhari was elected to office on condition that he will fight corruption and restore discipline in the country. The bitter truth is that there …

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Creeping Immunity for National Assembly Members

It appears that sometimes Nigerian Officials takes one step forward and two steps backward. During the last constitutional amendment exercise, the National Assembly adopted immunity Clause to cover each member for any statement made on the floor of the National Assembly. That immunity was adopted and signed into law by the former President. In the …

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Outrage Over President Buhari’s Appointments

A lot of Nigerians especially from the Southern part of the country are expressing outrage and condemnation of appointments made so far by President Muhammadu Buhari. Their beef is that appointments made so far by the president lacks gender balance and regional equity. Out of the 35 key appointments made so far by the president, …

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The Day after the Inauguration

After bitterly contested presidential election and the colorful and well attended inauguration ceremony of the new president on May 29, the hardest part of the whole exercise has just begun. The metal has just hit the road. Suddenly the burden of a troubled nation with great potential now lies squarely on the shoulder of our …

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Next Step for Nigeria Political Parties

With the registration of All Progressive Congress (APC) as Nigeria premier opposition party, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has once again reaffirmed their independence.  They reassured Nigerians that  they can be counted on to do the right thing when called upon.   Nigeria political parties are currently in disarray.  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  are practically …

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