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Agitation For The Restructure of Nigerian Federation

A lot of Nigerian from all works of life and ethnicity appears to believe that the current Nigerian federal structure needs restructuring. It is not uncommon to hear that Nigeria will never move forward or develop if restructure of the Nigerian federation do not take place. Some are even saying that breakup of Nigeria is …

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Outrage Over President Buhari’s Appointments

A lot of Nigerians especially from the Southern part of the country are expressing outrage and condemnation of appointments made so far by President Muhammadu Buhari. Their beef is that appointments made so far by the president lacks gender balance and regional equity. Out of the 35 key appointments made so far by the president, …

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Constitutional Amendment and Quest for More States in Nigeria

Nigeria legislatures are once again taking steps to amend the constitution.  A familiar song often associated with this exercise is endless quest for more states by various ethnic and regional groups who want to cave out more states from the existing structure.  If all their wishes are granted, Nigeria might end up with 100 states …

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