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Budget Padding is not a Crime

Budget padding is not a crime. It is generally regarded world-wide as effort by political representatives of various national or state assemblies to help their constituents by steering projects to their states. In United states, it is called pork or earmarks or bringing home the bacon. Some members of the national and state Assemblies bring …

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Looming Dangers: Sharia, Immunity and War on Corruption

It is fair to say that 80 percent of Nigerian problems are man-made. When some problems are on their way to been solved, some Nigerians starts digging another costly hole for the country. They are two important issues that are making their way quietly in the National Assembly. The first is Sharia amendment and the …

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Unrealistic Expectations from President Buhari Administration

Nigerians had unrealistic expectation from the inception of President Buhari’s administration. Some even naively felt that he could perform magic and fix Nigeria problems overnight. It has been more than one year and Nigeria economic problem appears to have gotten worse from all available economic indicators. Why is Nigerian economy in such dire stress? The …

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The National Assembly are at it Again

It is discouraging that the Nigerian senate and the House of representative are now trying to turn both Houses into House of thieves where impunity will reign supreme. Both Houses and some state legislatures are plotting to confer immunity to the principal officers of the House namely the Senate president, deputy senate president, the speaker …

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President Buhari’s one Year in Office

It is too early in the life of president Buhari’s administration to judge whether it will be a successful administration or not. The most important thing in the life of a new administration is to analyze policies already in place to see if the government is laying a solid foundation for the future of the …

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