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Agitation For The Restructure of Nigerian Federation

A lot of Nigerian from all works of life and ethnicity appears to believe that the current Nigerian federal structure needs restructuring. It is not uncommon to hear that Nigeria will never move forward or develop if restructure of the Nigerian federation do not take place. Some are even saying that breakup of Nigeria is …

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War on Corruption Appears to be Back on Track

It appears that war on corruption is gradually coming back to life after years of inaction under former president, Goodluck Jonathan. Former governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido and two of his sons was recently arraigned before Kano High Court on fraud and money laundering charges. They were granted bail few days ago. Same thing …

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Decentralization of Federal Power in Nigeria

  Concentration of power at the federal level as currently exist in Nigeria is not the best way to achieve much needed rapid development.  Decentralization of power from federal government to state, local and municipal governments is the way to go.  Nigeria is made up of diverse ethnic groups which have similar goal of moving …

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Task Ahead for Re-elected President Goodluck Jonathan

  You won May 2011 presidential election fair and square, even though some people and organizations are accusing you of rigging the election.  Any impartial observer who watched election returns around the country knows that the result reflected the wishes of Nigerians.  President Goodluck Jonathan won in the southern and parts of the northern states …

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